Take Advantage of this Rare Opportunity
to Become a RIM Facilitator…

The RIM Method is an extremely quick and effective technique that uses the organic emotional operating system to process intense, self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings to produce greater success in all areas of one's life. Use RIM to harness intense emotion in your audiences, clients and self.
In this training, you’ll gain the RIM facilitation skills and self awareness to achieve amazing results with your clients and seminar participants.
Become a pioneer in evolving an inner technology to transform feelings quickly and effectively… eliminating personal suffering.
When You Become a RIM Facilitator You
GAIN a Whole Lot of Tremendous Benefits...

**Learn RIM skills to help clients/training participants get unstuck...
They'll love you!
**Dissolve your own blocks to greater success...
You'll love yourself!
**Amplify your intuition... Good fortune will find you!
**Learn how to go around and under clients' defenses and rationalizations...
You'll be less tired & frustrated, and more energized!
**Double your income by adding private RIM sessions to your career...
You'll be more diverse!
**Solidify your foundation personally and professionally...
You'll be grateful for this opportunity to evolve in extraordinary ways!
You Receive:

• Two Dynamic Seminars
• Two Life-Changing Personal RIM Sessions
• Six Months of Facilitator Consultation Calls
• 10 Self-Evolution Conference Calls (Reserved for Your Class Only)
• Lifetime Membership in the Monthly RIM Facilitator Consultation Calls

We're looking for 20 bright, extraordinary people to join us in this global RIM adventure. Learn how to empower your clients to honestly engage their feelings and intuition. The most common comment heard from RIM Facilitator graduates is, "I'm in awe of the results, I'm able to facilitate with clients. I feel so grateful for these profound experiences."

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Conveniently Scheduled Adjacent to the Canfield BTS
and TTT Classes in the same locations

Send any questions to Dr. Deb
Call toll-free (888) 788-0800 Colorado (303) 691-3457


Click here for more information about the RIM Method



The RIM training (both the self development and the Facilitator training) has been a crucial part of my personal development and has allowed me to offer my clients a deeper, more comprehensive way of clearing what has been holding them captive in their lives.  As they release the past, they easily move through what is stopping them in the present and experience freedom and joy. Following the RIM work, they are filled with love and wisdom, for self and others.
Deb is a master of her craft and demonstrates with ease and grace the path which is possible for those of us desiring to learn and practice RIM skills in our businesses. Her ability to listen with compassion and move clients forward is exceptional. You will reap great benefits in choosing to become a member of the RIM Facilitator community.
Lila Larson
President Coaching Links Inc.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Right after my first session with you (which I consider with all honestly a turning point in gaining wisdom and shifting my life's perspective), I knew I wanted to help others like you helped me. I have been working with several healing modalities for quite some time and have achieved great results with them, but after “experiencing” RIM, I knew I had to add it to my reservoir of tools.

Dr. Deb, I can never express how grateful I am for the help you extended to me, and now my ability to extend this help to others. Thank you for your wise, kind, generous and loving “soul,” I am grateful my life path crossed with yours.

Thank you for the wisdom I gained about myself and the abundant wisdom I experienced through RIM sessions I've facilitated with my clients. No words can do you justice!

Adham Saleh
Cairo, Egypt


For me in the past doing forms of imagery has been pretending, but with RIM there is no pretense.
Sue Lewis (psychotherapist)

Our bodies are talking all the time. We just need to listen. The RIM tool allows us to do that.When I do RIM, I'm reminded that I can experience life as a joyous dance whenever I want. To me, RIM creates the space within us to express ourselves.
Chanda Carlson (life coach)

Everything we need to know is inside of us. We just have to be quiet and allow it and not always second guess what comes up.
Rebecca (health coach)

It's amazing how quickly you can get to the core issue and then amazing how quickly you release it.
Saima (attorney)

This new RIM tool increased my awareness of how happy I am, happy in a calm and relaxed way.
Jose (physican)

The RIM process really opened up my energy. My day is completely different now.
Andrea Kneier (nurse)

This RIM path is leading me to where I am supposed to be.